11 Little (Big) Things

I dream travel on Google Maps, been around the world many times!

I think pandas and dogs have got to be the best things on earth.

Timothy Dalton is my favorite James Bond (it’s in the name—though a lot of people disagree, I don’t care).

I used to work in an Irish Pub, where I talked to literally everyone and picked up a couple of different English & American accents.

I design with gut, sense & heart. I use research, experience and instinct to create awesome things.

All my plants die… sorry plants I will do better in the future (my Bamboo plant ‘Hendrik’ is still going strong, fingers crossed!).

I listen to the same music over and over and over (my friends think I’m weird, I kind of like that idea).

I don’t use ‘shuffle’, music albums are a lot like stories, every song a new chapter, part of a bigger picture.

I have a great desire to move to another part of the world some day (soon). I like crazy adventures.

When I want something, I go and make it happen (with a big smile on my face).

I believe that optimism, hard work, curiousity and fun are the key to everything.