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Past and Present — The Future Was Here. Visualising a summary of more than a century of NN history in the Nationale Nederlanden / Douwe Egberts Café where coffee, work and art merge.

Agency: Studio Naam
Role: Design Director & Designer
Year: 2015

To celebrate the rich history of NN, we were asked to design a custom exhibition. The exhibition shows images and slogans of the past, divided into four main categories. We translated these into time-capsules that survived the long trip through history. All the images and slogans we used were shuffled up into one big puzzle, woven in time. Through looking closely and connecting patterns, viewers get to experience an extensive history.

Five existing presentation pillars and the main corporate identity color orange were the only two given restrictions. Which we worked around by integrating them neatly into the exhibition.

In the end the exhibition was so successful that NN extended duration with an extra period of three months upon the original planned four months.

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