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Salon du Trezo contacted us for a brand new identity. Established in 1938 and family owned from the beginning, they were ready for a big change. Taking their business to the next level.

Agency: Studio Naam
Role: Design Director, Graphic Design & UX
Year: 2014

The complete overhaul of the brand resulted in a contemporary look that not only fits their clients but sets the shop apart from the direct competition. Shortly after the launch, both booked and walk-in appointments went up by 33%! Opening hours had to be changed and new staff was hired to be able to keep up with demand. 

We completely redesigned their online presence and build an easy to use 'appointment' system that makes sure the digital products aren't just beautiful, but functional as well.

This wasn’t just any challenge for us. We were presented with years and years of history and wanted to keep that integrity intact without losing the soul of the business, and at the same time creating something new that could stand the test of time. Together with the new generation we came up with a visual language that was both expandable, durable and kept the family values intact.

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