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A captivating online experience for CreamCo

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Cream Co. is a world renowned Chicago-based art collective passionate about creating a community that shares and values art rooted in nature.

Naam Agency was approached to help redesign and refocus their digital, mainly website, efforts. An eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, installations and community projects made the old site hard to navigate. We brought back clarity, and made both the work and their creators stand out.

The Website

Typographic Navigation

With a wide a variety of visual images to present on the website, we set out to create a calm color palette, supported with clean and clear typography. After that, we took it one step further and created a 'hero' section where an impressive typographic block allows you to navigate the work of Cream Co.


How might we create an online presence that is outspoken of itself, but makes the art stand out even more?
How might we create a space for their community, of both visitors and artists?
How might we present the incredible detail in the artwork?
How might we present their work as collections, and allow them to be presented as series (that took many years to create)?

An Online Community

Cream Co. is known for its community events where people can, for example, trade art, such as small poems, for living plants. When designing the new website, we built it around these kinds of events and happenings. The new website contains years of articles of these events and regularly features artists from the Cream Co. community.

Feeling at Home.

The homepage functions as a summary of the entire website. A quick way to navigate to the art, news, artists and stay up to date on past and upcoming events.

An Artful Framework

To present the wide range of work, we created a 'framework' made from various blocks to consistently make the work stand out. Both big and small images turn into a full-screen experience with one click. Allowing the visitor to explore at her own pace, and take in all details.


2018, 4 Months
Brand Identity, Digital Design, Micro-Interactions, Creative Direction
Year + duration
Timothy Maurer, Joris Spiertz, Lieneke Koenen, Elie MacLeod
Awwwards SOTD
Awwwards Developer Award
Awwwards Honorable Mention
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A captivating online experience for CreamCo

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