New Year. New Opportunities

Yes! 2015 was amazing. I've had the opportunity to work with amazing people, see a business grow and help achieve that. I've gained so many things by reading and writing more (more articles are coming in 2016).

Although I like writing, it can be very tricky at times. This is simply because I change my opinion with every new thing that I learn. Ultimately that is a really good ability to have. I mean, we never really stop learning as humans, so adjusting our opinions to that is great. But, once something is written down, it feels so final. Part of me, feels genuinely afraid of what others might think about what I write, but then I remember I‘m writing these things down for myself and only then for the world. 

Oh man, with that on my mind. I can genuinly say that I will not stop writing. It's just such a real eye opener to see my own development and growth over time. It gives me perspective.

So what’s in store for 2016. Well, can’t tell you about all the variables, but I do have a say in one or two things. First off, I want to complete a dream I’ve had for a long time: visiting New York and San Francisco. Since I was in my mid-teens I’ve always felt drawn to these places, reading a lot about them, trying to experience them the best way possible (I Google Map Streetview the sh*t out of it though, btw Google if you’re reading this. I would really love to have an option where you can select two points on the map (same as with directions) and then the camera will take you on a trip from point A to B, whilst using the pointer to aim the camera in a certain direction to view places. That would be awesome!). But, I’ve never made the time to actually go there. This year, 2016, is that time. And I will post photos and stories here as much as I can. 

So, world. Surprise me, change my opinion 200 times and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

Have a wonderful 2016.