New Year, New Goals

With the first 25 days of the new year already behind us, I would like to give my condoleances to 2017 for inhereting the shit smelled chaos of 2016. But, being an optimist and all, I’m sure we’ll be fine, eventually. Just like every other new year I see thousands of new wishes, goals and what not on my social media feeds and family meetups.

All of those resolutions are of an admirable level and quite honestly, sometimes even a bit daft. But I love the way people admire fresh starts.

For me, personally, 2016 was a remarkable year. With many new and interesting things happening. I’ve set weight loss goals and for some reason, this time, they stuck around. I’ve lost quite a bit and that was only possible by embracing the fact that I was not on a ‘diet’ (we’re all on a diet, one way or the other), but accepting that if I wanted this done, I needed to change my ways and stop telling people I was on a diet (they try to help, it’s adoring but annoying, I’m doing this my own way people. I need that snack every once in a while for moral, don’t judge me). And I did. For me it was all about not labeling things. Just go for it, make it happen. Don’t name it, it’ll become such a big thing that takes up a lot of focus all day long, making it that much harder.

Have a great year!