May 1st Reboot

Woo, it's been a little while since I had some time (and a little willpower) to sit down to write something and even now it's 30 minutes to midnight on a rainy friday night. I literally just strolled out of a restaurant in the city center after meeting an old friend I hadn't seen for way too long. It was good catching up and setting priorities straight.

But back to business it is. I'm sure some of you are aware of the May 1st Reboot phenomenom. If not, make sure to Google it. It's basically a collective launch of website updates by designers around the world. Since I promised to upload more projects many months ago (sorry, couldn't release most things any earlier due to some restrictions), now it is finally the time some projects are seeing the light of day on my personal website.

As some of you might've read in the about section of this website I'm part owner and designer at Studio Naam. The last couple of months have been amazing and through this channel I would love to thank some of the people and businesses that believe in and support us. We've gotten amazing opportunities and took all of them with both hands! Some of the projects we are working on right now show some of our best skills and also a new direction for us as a studio. We're now officially presenting ourselves as a digital design studio. Something we worked hard to achieve.

In the last couple of months and the years before that our growing knowledge of digital products helped us to develop increasingly better experiences. We've learned how to better present and prototype our work and discovered some amazing tools along the way. Changing our workflow in a big, good way. We now no longer present our designs in PDF's, but since a couple of months all our digital products are presented in InVision. A great, quick prototyping tool that helps you to present and test digital products. We've switched completely to Sketch as our primary design programme and are currently learning Principle to increase the tactility and motion design of our mobile products, such as apps and websites.

Besides all of this, we base more and more of our design decisions on test results and UX research. With an objective fundament for these decisions, the power, usability and effectiveness of our designs have increased tremendously. Working with workflows such as Scrum to increase pace and collaboration, both internal and external.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, firstly to thank the team at Studio Naam for being so flexible in introducing everyone to these great new tools. Secondly, because I'm really proud we've learned so much the last couple years, and keep on learning. Thridly, we get to make the world just a little better by adding real value, step by tiny step. And lastly, Studio Naam's new website is very close to its completion. Finally, we get to show the amazing things we've been up to lately! Just a few more days, yes!

Thank you all for reading and now I'm simply publishing this without any proofreading. This is going to be fun! Then I'll pack my bag, get on a bicycle, get home and give my dog his new squeeky toys. He loves those things!

With love, T.