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Minimalist brand for record label Midlight

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Midlight was a Dutch techno label, based in Rotterdam. Their events and records are well-known and fondly looked back upon by both fans and the industry. From 2010 to 2018 I helped them create their brand and provide creative direction for both the events and the records.

With limited resources we created a high-end brand, consisting of exclusive LP's, tape cassettes, radio shows, events flyers, posters, and a digital presence. To summarize it all in a few words, it was pretty great to work with these guys and design whatever I wanted. Midlight forever.

The Brand

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From Expressive to Abstract

Over the years, Midlight's identity and creative direction changed from very expressive to abstract. The abstract language allowed us to expand the brand more effectively across the different platforms; Records, Sessions, Radio and Events. I focused a lot of my efforts on creating a simple system with clear, strong typography and an expandable underlying grid.


How might we transform a well established eclectic language to a more abstract one?
How might we create a consistent voice across all the different platforms?
How might we implement smart and affordable solutions, but still make it look high-end?
How might we conceptualize an online Radio experience?

Say A Lot, With A Little

Midlight's brand is simple and effective. Contrary to popular belief, achieving a simple design system is all but easy. Various new elements always tend to creep in, but staying to the core for every 'platform', whilst giving them a unique twist, proved to be quite the fun challenge.

The Records

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Introducing Color and Graphics

When creating the Records we knew we wanted to implement more colors for specific releases. Not only would this make them pop on the shelves in the record stores, it would also allow us to create something unique art, that resonated with the music.

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Exclusive Look, Low Price

The Records had a premium look to them. We used high quality colored stock LP cases and decorated them with high-gloss stickers for the artwork and information. Adding the stickers (labels) to the LP case was all done by hand.

The Site

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A Playful Approach

We conceptualized a new website with various different functions such as the ability to listen to the Radio recordings, a backlog of all the Sessions and a shop to purchase the records online. Unfortunately we never got to release it as Midlight closed its doors in 2018, but here are some of the concepts.

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2010 - 2018
Brand Identity, Digital Design, Micro-Interactions, Creative Direction
Year + duration
Timothy Maurer, Tom Shotton
Naam Agency / Freelance
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Minimalist brand for record label Midlight