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A new brand for urban cyclist specialists Pyōra

06 — 07
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Pyōra Cycles asked Naam Agency for help whilst starting their journey to create the best possible city bikes for urban commuters. High quality, refined bikes with a brand identity to match.

Pyōra bikes stand apart in their design, being easily transportable, incredibly light, and foldable. We were asked to help create an identity toolkit to help their in-house design team build out the brand and make it future proof.

The Brand

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Seat me Up

With the clean cut and foldable bike design as our inspiration, we created a flexible  brand. Small additions such as the 'seat' on the 'o' added a fun twist, as it also hinted to the Scandinavian roots of the name.


How might we present a completely 'new' brand with limited resources and materials?
How might we create a design system that allows the in-house team to further explore and expand the brand safely?
How might we present and create a set of tag-lines?
How might we conceptualize a future online shop?

Calm and Collected

Subtle pastels set Pyōra apart visually from their, often brightly colored, competitors and creates a sense of calm in an otherwise busy urban environment. The mostly typographic aesthetic translates well into both print and digital applications.

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Brand Toolkit

The Pyōra brand is highly flexible through a mixed use of color, tone, logo, pattern, and layout. We helped assemble a brand-toolkit, containing many different components to keep consistently producing beautiful mixed media across a range of print and digital.

The Site

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Digital Concepts

Pyora has their eye on the future. To help them visualize their future online, we conceptualized an online environment and e-commerce solution. We designed solutions that vary from introducing the products, cross-sell to easy communication through chat.

Foldable Site

The design of the desktop's company page is inspired by the foldable design of the bike. With a clear division in the middle of the screen, and scrollable content on the right. Playful, yet effective. Much like the Pyora bike.


2017, 2 Months
Brand Identity, Digital Design, Micro-Interactions, Creative Direction
Year + duration
Timothy Maurer, Joris Spiertz, Trang Nguyen
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A new brand for urban cyclist specialists Pyōra