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A bold website and brand for QPS

02 — 07
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QPS (Quality Positioning Services) is a leader in maritime software solutions dedicated to providing unique services that encompass the entire workflow across a variety of industries, including hydrographic surveying and dredging.

We supported QPS by creating a brand identity that’s as flexible as their services, repositioning them to expand their market share, attract talent, and introduce groundbreaking services and software to a new, younger target audience.

The Website

The Challenge

QPS provides the most complete geomatics software solutions suite in the industry. Over the years they’ve created and acquired a wide range of services that range from gathering to visualizing maritime data. However, with little rules keeping it all together, all these different departments started to float further away from the QPS brand (pun intended).

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How might we create a unified software suite that presents a modern brand experiences that appeals to a younger audience?
How might we streamline customer questions more efficiently? Currently, most of the answers are readily available online, how might we help them find them?
How might we make our brand more appealing to talented developers and staff?
How might we attract new, younger, managers with transparent pricing solutions, easy sign-up processes and trial downloads (uncommon in this industry)?

Insights and process


The Young and Hungry

QPS's old website and brand were outdated and unappealing to the 'younger' manager. This type of manager is just settling down on-shore from 10 years off-shore. They've used various softwares off-shore and will vocalize their preferences to their purchasing managers. More importantly, their opinions are well valued and highly weighed.

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Introducing the Suite.

The homepage summarizes a lot of our challenges. One visual language to unify the software, clear key benefits to choosing for QPS, proof from existing customers and clear call-to-actions to download the free trial (uncommon in this industry) for the new generation of managers that is used to those kinds of options in their personal lives.
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Details for All.

QPS has an impressive suite of maritime software, and each software package has an extensive library of features and benefits. But, on the old website none of these were highlighted or even presented. We changed that.

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Originally, QPS's Confluence contained all the information customers might need for their products. However, few could find it, skyrocketing service calls.

Together with QPS, we completely overhauled the User Interface and Experience for their Confluence service center. With a clear hierarchy, iconography and easy to use navigation, the service center now provides a service.


2018 - Ongoing, Min. 6 Months
Brand Identity, Brand Positioning & Strategy, Digital Design, Micro-Interactions, Creative Direction
Year + duration
Timothy Maurer, Joris Spiertz, Lieneke Koenen, Ellie MacLeod
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A bold website and brand
for QPS