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Bright and shiny brand and website for Summit

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Summit is a specialist firm in customer journey registration. They help universities, conventions, conferences and event managers with registering, measuring and badging their visitors. They offer a wide collection of software and hardware solutions, as well as personal (tailor-made) services.

They asked us to help them with a new brand and website to present their many different digital products, and their most recent hardware addition, the Host.

The Website

Building a Brand

Summit has been around for years, working to help some of the biggest clients in their respective industries gather data to improve their opportunities. But, being busy with helping others grow, they never properly sat down to look at their own brand, until they hired us to find new opportunities for them.

We visualized their software suite, designed a system for them to expand upon and helped them explain and communicate their offerings in a clear and concise way. All in all, we helped Summit show up, communicate and act like a grown-up brand.


How might we make Summit feel more like a grown-up brand and help them uncover new opportunities?
How might we find a balance in presenting their software and hardware solutions?
How might we give Summit the flexibility to expand their products in the future?
How might we utilize techniques, such as Lottie and Advanced Custom Fields, to elevate the experience?

Presenting Software

Summit's software solutions were never visualized, and only a few screenshots were ever used to sell the product. We decided to create a visual (illustrative) language that shows a uniform product suite. This allowed us to highlight certain specific functions to help explain the product in more detail and eventually boost potential leads coming in from the website.

Nothing Like Home.

Summit's software solutions differ per target audience. Meaning the same software functions work completely different per different audience. This makes it tremendously difficult to present a traditional 'product' page.

To help Summit explain their products, we decided to shift from 'what' pages to 'who' pages, focussing on the target audiences first. The whole homepage is designed around their various audiences (education, conventions, conferences and corporate) as we want to show them what Summit can do for them specifically, and quickly.
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Many Components Make A Page

Summit is constantly creating new software solutions and updating their product offering. This is why we couldn't just create a static website, we needed a system. We used Advanced Custom Fields to give Summit the freedom to build and expand their website if necessary. The whole site is composed of smaller 'components' belonging to specific libraries (Product, Detail Page, etc.). This system gives Summit the independency to grow the website when they want or need.

Audience Page

Every audience requires different software, some also require custom solutions. On the 'audience page' Summit has the ability to present all the benefits and features.
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Beyond Digital

The Summit brand is also translated to various print collateral. One of the things we heard back from the Summit team was that they finally felt was growing up into a real brand. Which is a great compliment for everyone involved.

Hardware Host.

One of the more recent products of Summit isn't software, but hardware. A physical login booth that allows visitors to quickly scan their ticket and badge their entrance document. No ticket, no problem. Feel free to sign up right on the Host. We created a page where we take the visitor through the steps at the Host. More importantly, the host gathers all the data and directly sends it to the Summit Dashboard software.


2019, 4 Months
Brand Identity, Brand Positioning & Strategy, Site Architecture, Digital Design, Micro-Interactions, Creative Direction
Year + duration
Timothy Maurer, Joris Spiertz, Lieneke Koenen, Tra Nguyen, Susi Büchele
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Bright and shiny brand and website for Summit