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A website for waste solutions leader Weima

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Weima Maschinenbau is known throughout the world as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of solutions for waste recycling, such as high quality shredders and briquette presses.

We helped Weima communicate both their innovative, economic and reliable services as well as their already very recognizable brand to an existing audience of established companies, through a brand new custom-made website.

The Website

Shredding the Norm

Weima approached Naam in need of a new website and visual language. With a wide range of products ranging from shredding, briquetting and various other waste management services, we set out to create a marketing website that excites, in an industry that would otherwise be stamped as predictable or even boring.

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How might we create an innovative digital product for industrial products?
How might we weave the existing traditional logo and color into a contemporary digital product?
How might we present a wide range of machines, options, services and solutions in an insightful and knowledge-oriented matter?
How might we use new and exiting 3D animation techniques to present Weima's products?

A Strong Legacy

Weima's legacy has always been strong, and visually, this was no different and had to remain intact. Their logo and the color 'red' were to remain untouched. This color had set them apart from competitors, inside and outside of factories, for years, and will for years to come.

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An interactive menu to explore

The homepage acts as a summary of everything within Weima’s extensive site. It holds just the right amount of information within it to introduce all aspects, but has consistent points of interaction where visitors can continue to explore further.
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A Little Materialistic

Weima’s machines can be used for a wide variety of materials. To find out which machine works best for you, we created special detail pages that focus solely on a single material. Woodshop, waste department, or iron factory, Weima’s got you covered.


2017 - 2018, 6 Months
Site Architecture, Digital Design, Micro-Interactions, Creative Direction
Year + duration
Timothy Maurer, Joris Spiertz, Lieneke Koenen, Ellie MacLeod
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A website for waste solutions leader Weima